In the great turmoil of the electric market, a new brand is arriving in Italy. It is AHERA, specialized in the production of high-end electric cars. The first car to be launched will be an electric SUV provided with forefront technology, with short overhangs and a spacious interior, available starting from 2025. The preview images has been recently released, just four months after the company’s launch.
Filippo Perini, Head of Design of AEHRA, declared: «AEHRA was born with the target of expressing, as never before, all design potentialities that the forefront technology of electric vehicles today offers. The first SUV model by AEHRA matches the unequalled elegance of the Italian design with the best of global materials and engineering, to bring about a paradigm shift in the customer experience».
While its SUV featuring emotional design, provided with a higher aerodynamic efficiency, has been unveiled, we have to wait until February 2023 for AEHRA electric sedan.