In the ambit of the new integrated footprint, Marelli has a significant presence in China, with 22 manufacturing sites and 8 Research and Development centres in 15 cities.
With over 6,000 workers, who represent 10% of Marelli manpower, and with a rising portfolio of customers due to the organic growth of the company and of its nine joint ventures in this Country, China constitutes for Marelli the most important market for the future development.
A key element that mirrors China’ priorities is Marelli’s share in the carbon neutrality through its technologies.
In this vision, the first element concerns electrification, key element of Marelli’s technological strategy, with combined competences concerning electric motors and thermal systems.
Concerning this, Marelli’s strategy is based on an integrated offer of complete solutions able to control and to optimize efficiently the whole energy flow in electric vehicles.
Among top products of the Business Unit Electric Powertrain there is e-Axle, which integrates inverter, electric motor and gearbox in a single key component.
Speaking of Marelli, anyway, it is worth mentioning its recent R&D novelty: a power electronics module dedicated to applications of electric and hybrid traction in motorsport ambit fully made with silicon carbide technology (SiC) and with a new direct cooling solution.
This forefront system will constitute the base element for even more efficient, compact and lighter inverters.