Completely composed by seaplanes, the Canadian airline Harbour transports over half million passengers yearly and it has recently announced it is going to convert all aircrafts of its property, equipping them with electric motors. Through an agreement with the company magniX that will supply propulsors, Harbour Air will therefore go down in history as one of the first fully electric airline companies.
The protagonist motor of this change is magni500 and the pioneer aircrafts of this installation are DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver. The motor develops 750 horsepower with an autonomy of more than one hour. Besides, considering that the vast majority of flights performed by Harbour Air last around half an hour, it is an excellent opportunity in both economic and environmental terms. Maintenance will be facilitated by a more user-friendly management of motors, with compulsory check cycles in longer times than with standard motors.
When will the transition from traditional to electric occur? It seems that it might even be accomplished by 2021, carrying out all twelve routes currently in operation.