Recently, Peter Ternström, co-founder of Jetson company, with headquarters in Stockholm, has revealed that piloting one of his personal electric aircrafts is as easy as it seemed in cartoons and that learning needs just five minutes. The delivery of his Jetsone One will start from the end of 2023 and therefore what is announced is a great revolution in the airplane transport. The units already sold, at a cost that approaches 100,000 dollars, are already almost 500.
«It is super-intuitive. We have developed a fly-by-wire system that helps the pilot with functions like the automatic hovering, the stable flight and landing».
Let us take a step back: expert in the luxury car industry, Ternström has collaborated with the aerospace engineer Tomasz Patan to launch in 2017 the Jetson drone, equipped with a single-seat architecture “to make the flight available for all”. In fact, the regulations for that class of aircrafts do not impose flights close to airports or crowded areas and there is neither the need of a pilot licence. The drone weighs 86 kilos, it has an aluminium frame with eight electric motors that allow it to go on flying for about 20 minutes with maximum speed limited by the software of 100km/h. Pilots, who can weigh 95 kilos maximum, control the drone by means of joystick and accelerator.