Recently, Cifa has presented the full-electric pump by Energya, first in the concrete sector, which is based on electrification, automation and connectivity. In Energya concrete mixers the rotation functions of the drum are operated by the electric motor that receives energy from a lithium battery and, in case of need, it can receive it also from the motor of the diesel truck.
Moreover, Energya models can be also mounted on gas or electric trucks, for a 100% green vehicle. The K42E truck-mounted pump completes Cifa’s eco-sustainable range, aimed at zeroing Co2 emissions and the acoustic pollution in the whole chain, from the transport to the laying of the concrete, expanding the use possibilities of vehicles in areas and yards with restrictions. Energya K42E is a powerful truck-mounted pump able to operate in full electric, without uncompromised performances.
K42E is equipped with a forefront system that exploits the power of the 30 ampere-hour battery pack, to power two electric Rexroth motors: the first that operates the hydraulic pump to move the arm and to open stabilizers and the second instead dedicated to the drive of the pumping group (with 160 mc/h closed circuit at 80 bars) and of other services.
In case the work needed a higher performance of the available charge, the new Energya pump can be directly connected to an electric socket in the site: the system will exclude batteries, directly powering electric motors.