As part of the Moving Boundaries 2 campaign, Mowo Social Initiatives Foundation has set out to train 500 women across Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Delhi in electric auto driving. This transformative initiative, which kicked off on March 8th, 2024 aims to empower women by providing them with skills and opportunities needed to thrive in the electric auto-rickshaw industry. The team comprises an 8-member all-women crew steering an array of electric vehicles –auto-rickshaw, bike, and cargo van, set to cover 3,333 km over 30 days.
«Our inspiring team of 5 women auto-rickshaw drivers consists of Naseem, Bhavani, Prabha, Reena, and Saritha. These trailblazers are driving ETO Motors electric auto-rickshaws in a relay format, setting an example and inspiring countless others to join the movement towards electric vehicle livelihoods» explains Tamanna Chaudhary di Mowo. Partnering with ETO Motors, an electric three-wheeler company, Mowo is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and support to participants. The vehicle is the BDY T3 electric van.