The reskill issue is hotter than ever. Concerning this, good news come from France: EIT InnoEnergy is launching the Academy EBA250 to reskill and to improve the competences of dozen thousands of workers for the battery industry.
As one of the primary players in the ambit of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), France – with three Gigafactories under construction, has a growing need of engineers and specialized technicians. Precisely for this reason, EIT InnoEnergy will guide a platform of education sharing to reduce drastically the costs of reskilling and amelioration of competences. It is a public-private partnership that will face the current gap of competences faced by 800,000 skilled workers requested in the European battery industry by 2025. The training package contains also the skills to face the 4.0 revolution in factories.
EIT InnoEnergy is going to launch urgently its training programme in France and in whole Europe to improve the staff’s competences for the roles of technicians, engineers and researchers who support the electric mobility segment.