From the programme Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), HVS, Hydrogen-Electric HGV Powertrain Development, has received 30 million pounds to develop hydrogen fuel cells for heavy vehicles.
The company is one of the five that have received an amount of 73 million pounds collected by the Government of the United Kingdom and by the automotive industry to develop a green transport technology. It is a considerable amount, a piece that sheds light on the most probable direction in terms of trucks and mobility.
Currently, hydrogen fuel cells would be considered essential for heavy vehicles because lithium ion batteries used for heavy vehicles would be prohibitive and would have long recharge times.
HVS CEO, Jawad Khursheed, said: “Our mission to decarbonise heavy-duty transport in the UK has reached a major milestone with the help of the APC grant. The UK Government performed rigorous due diligence in selecting HVS to receive this grant, acknowledging that our advanced technology is a key innovation towards achieving zero-emission targets. We have successfully produced our first driving fuel cell technology demonstrator vehicle and are on track to deliver the UK’s first-to-market hydrogen fuel cell-powered HGV. We have experienced rapid growth at HVS in as little as a year, now with this government support we will boost innovation, create thousands of UK-based jobs, and build upon our goal towards cleaner HGVs.”