Using hydrogen as source to power fuel cells that produce energy for electric motors. This is the subject of a European development programme aimed at moving planes without producing emissions in flight. Behind there is Airbus company, which will start land-based trials of the fuel-cell electric motor by the half of this decade, on board of a test A380 MSN1 aircraft, which is already undergoing the modifications to host liquid hydrogen tanks and relative distribution systems. The project provides for using hydrogen coming from renewable sources. Glenn Llewellyn, VP Zero-Emission Aircraft, Airbus declared: “Fuel cells are a potential solution to help us in reaching our zero-emission ambition and we are focused on the development and the experimentation of this technology to understand whether it is feasible and practicable for the entry into service of a zero-emission aircraft in 2035. Going on investing in this technology, we are providing us with further options that will inform our decisions about the architecture of our future ZEROe aircraft, for which we expect to launch the development in 2027-2028 period”.