The company Four Winns, renowned for the production of high-end bowriders and deck boats, has recently announced the enlargement of its offer, approaching electric.
It is the Four Winns H2e, built in collaboration with Vision Marine Technologies and able to reach about 35 knots.
The 180E outboard electric motor by Vision Marine Technologies has record power and grants a fast acceleration thanks to peak power of 230 HP.
The system is powered by two high-voltage battery packages with 700-V density, equipped with fully integrated on-board powerful battery charger, which can be connected with whatever shore supply system. The novelty is therefore a quick recharge wherever you go on a cruise.
Alexandre Mongeon, CEO Vision Marine Technologies, explained: “Boaters are more aware than ever of their environmental footprints and are looking for sustainable solutions to reducing carbon emissions while still being able to enjoy the passions they love so much, and we are excited to share our vision and passion with the world. Vision Marine Technologies’ revolutionary electric outboard has undergone extensive testing, both on and off the water, to make it the best-designed and best-supported product on the market.
Here are also the words by Nick Harvey, FOUR WINNS Brand Director: “Just imagine jumping aboard your H2e, fully-charged and ready to go, from your trailer or private dock. No noise, no exhaust, no refueling, no hassle… just a rewarding day on the water”.