Motability Operations, the commercial organization that offers the Motability Scheme in the United Kingdom, has revealed eVITA, an electric state-of-the-art vehicle concept that is accessible in wheelchair (eWAV). Designed and implemented by Callum, eVITA will be manufactured collaborating with the automotive industry to grant that inclusive design principles are taken into account during the whole development.
Currently, Motability Operations has over 34,000 circulating Wav, with about 4,000 applications every year for small and medium size Wav. In many electric vehicles, the floor-mounted battery decreases the internal height and the space inside the passenger compartment and also limits the available payload. Without a solution, this would lead the customers on wheelchairs to opt for bigger vehicles than necessary when they shift to electric. This new design has allowed a height from the ground of 160 mm, similar to the one of a sedan, sharing in a simpler access and in a bigger free height. This means that wheelchaired users have a better and lower seating position in the cabin.
“It is an extremely urgent matter for our customers who use accessible vehicles to wheelchairs because they rely on an obvious or convenient solution to adopt a smaller electric vehicle. We were determinate to find a way to be followed and I am absolutely pleased of having developed the eVITA concept with Callum, which has really the accessibility and the inclusivity at the core of its design, demonstrating what is possible. We are sharing our knowledge with industry – manufacturers, designers and engineers – to support a transition to electric vehicles that works for all, affirms Andrew Miller, managing director of Motability Operations.
The managing director of Callum, David Fairbairn, states: “Callum team is unbelievably proud of presenting eVITA and of working with Motability Operations on such an important project that has the potential of having a positive impact on so many lives, supporting the customers of Motability Scheme with freedom and enjoyment of travelling while the society is shifting to electric.