BorgWarner has started the manufacturing of the new HVH220 electric motor, intended for XPeng vehicles, whose choice occurred for the high power and torque density and more efficiency at a competitive cost. The motor will be used in the X9 electric minivan and afterwards also on another electric car, a sedan in B segment, whose production start is scheduled by the third 2024-quarter.
HVH220 has a maximum operation range of 800 volts, with a stator with external diameter of 220 mm and the patented high-voltage hairpin winding technology by BorgWarner.
The rotor incorporates a permanent magnet and uses proprietary technologies of stator insulation improvement. The developed power reaches 300 kW, with a maximum work speed of 18,000 rpm and peak efficiencies exceeding 97%.
BorgWarner explains how they have studied an indirect cooling: «The gearbox oil cools the motor, improving the heat transfer and the total heat rejection by the system. Moreover, the direct cooling of the rotor oil draws heat from the electric motor’s core, permitting to obtain higher torque and power density».