It is one of the most topical 2021 news with Stellantis hashtag: the former PSA French factory, headquartered at Tremery, the biggest in the world for the production of diesel engines, will be fully reconverted to the manufacturing of electric motors.
The mega-structure was inaugurated in 2019 and this year it will produce 180,000 electric motors, with the long-term target of reaching 900,000 units in 2025, afterwards with a production of electric motors exceeding combustion ones’.
«Some years ago – stated Yann Vincent, executive vice-president and industrial director of PSA – we decided investing in the energy transition and making our plants more flexible. Trémery factory is an excellent example of this change».
If on one hand the environment is very grateful, on the other hand much concern regards employment, which might be reduced owing to the minor labour needed for an electric motor versus a conventional one.