The Chinese battery manufacturer Catl is a common topic of conversation, first of all for the five-years agreement signed with NIO to promote the technical cooperation for new brands, designs and markets, optimizing the expansion abroad and developing a business model focused on long-term batteries. More recently, the news that the Chinese battery giant is likely to be ready to halve the cost per kWh of its lithium-iron-phosphate cells (Lfp) by the half of 2024, leading to a neat decrease of electric vehicles’ costs. It seems that square 173 Ah cells, which can be charged completely in less than 30 minutes, will be sold to various manufacturers of electric vehicles at an average price of around 56 dollars/kWh. This means that a 60-kWh battery pack will approximately halve its cost, dropping from about 6,800 to 3,400 dollars. The very latest shared information concerns its most recent results in 2023. «Some milestones we achieved by the end of the year include NO.1 in EV battery consumption volume for the 7th year & NO.1 in global energy storage battery shipment for the 3rd year. Therefore, powering 11,670,000+ EVs in 64 countries and regions, 20,604 R&D specialists, 29,487 patents obtained/filed and 4 zero-carbon factories & 3 lighthouse factories», the company explained.