Historically in competition, the Japanese automotive companies Nissan and Honda have announced they are evaluating a strategic partnership for the segment of electric vehicles and of software, as well as in key components for electric vehicles and other complementary products. «Our sector lives a significant turning point due to the arrival of new players, in addition to historical automotive companies», declared Makoto Uchida, the managing director of Nissan and Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda, specifically referring to the emerging Chinese automotive companies that promise more and more electric low-cost vehicles. «We cannot win this competition with a traditional approach», then the decision of shaking hands and of collaborating in the electrification field. Last year, Nissan announced huge investments for the production of electric vehicles in its English factory in Sunderland and foresees to invest 600 million Euros in Ampere, Renault unit that takes care of electric vehicles. Honda, in its turn, has already been committed to electric vehicles since 2022 with the Japanese technological Sony giant, with which it has created a new high-end car brand, Afeela.