The first electric car by Maserati brand is equipped with the forefront 800-V motors by Marelli – all featuring 300 kW of power -, developed in the course of two years and manufactured at Modugno, in Puglia, in a futuristic factory. The motors, one assembled on the front axle and two on the rear one, deliver a maximum installed power of 1200 HP, with power density of 9.2 kW/kg and maximum torque of 1350 Nm. It is a performance that can drive Maserati GranTurismo Folgore to over 300 kilometres/hour.
Marelli motors are made so performing by the manufacturing process: the rotor of the electric motor is subjected to a cryogenic cooling phase, in a chamber with temperature under -200 centigrade degrees to grant the perfect insertion of the shaft into the rotor pack.
Another innovative feature of Puglia factory is the use of an exclusive double process, of which one phase in 3D, for the stator manufacturing. Moreover, they carry out 70 quality tests, of which 41 fully automated, executed on the primary features along the whole manufacturing process.
Hannes Prenn, President and Chief Executive Officer – Vehicle Electrification Division, stated: «We are really proud of giving our technological contribution to a vehicle that marks a memorable time in the history of such an iconic brand like Maserati. Our consolidated technical know-how in the field of electric motors, combined with unceasing attention to innovation and well-rooted manufacturing skills, have represented key factors that have allowed us to develop the best solutions to assure the extraordinary performances of this unique car».