Atlante, the company of Nhoa Group dedicated to the infrastructure of fast and ultra-fast charge for electric vehicles, stemmed from the collaboration among Stellantis, Nhoa and Free2move eSolutions, has today inaugurated in Magenta, in Milan province, its first Italian fast charge station in the Automagenta dealership of Stellantis network.
In collaboration with Stellantis, Atlante is proactively working with a large number of dealers in all Italy, to implement in their headquarters many other fast charge stations, all powered by green renewable energy. These stations will allow electric vehicle owners to experiment the fast charge comfort.
Atlante is continuing its course towards the development of the biggest fast and ultra-fast recharge network in South Europe, as privileged Stellantis fast charge network.
“Today we see the concrete result of the partnership with a prestigious player, Atlante, which aims at making available for all citizens fast and ultra-fast charge points in spaces located inside the network of Stellantis dealerships. In this case, the implementation was enabled by the collaboration with an important entrepreneurial reality on the territory, Automagenta dealership, which has understood and perfectly matched Stellantis mission. The energy transition cannot be performed in one day, it is a process that will take certain times, but initiatives of this kind give an important cutting edge to those undertaking them, versus the future scenario that will take place,” declared Ciro Papa, Manager of the e-Mobility Business Unit of Stellantis Italia.
In France as well, Atlante and Stellantis are working in the same direction and the first fast and ultra-fast charge points will be soon online by some selected dealerships that sell Stellantis vehicles.