The public-private EU partnership for the development of new technologies in the aeronautical sector, Clean Aviation, will invest 34 millions in the next four years in the consortium led by Avio Aero for the development of Amber demonstrator. It is a technological demonstrator for the hybrid-electric in Europe, an electric motor that will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which will give a fundamental contribution to the development process of motors for lower-emission civil aeronautics.
The mission of Amber demonstrator is developing, integrating and validating the necessary key technologies for the development of a hybrid-electric motor architecture powered by hydrogen fuel cells in the class of one megawatt. In particular, they will study the integration of the hybrid-electric components that include a motor/generator, power converters and power distribution systems, with fuel cells and Catalyst, innovative turboprop engine by Avio Aero, to carry out bench tests already during next years.
«To reach the climatic neutrality, we must do more with less energy, and aviation is no exception. Ambition of the European programme is driving a radical change in aircrafts’ performances, increasing their performance efficiency and decreasing their environmental impact. For regional transport aircrafts, the target is an improvement by at least 50% versus a standard current flight» the words by Axel Krein, Executive Director of Clean Aviation.
Clean Aviation’s partnership with sector industries, in fact, is precisely aimed at speeding up the introduction into the field of key technologies, such as electrification, to support the European Union’s efforts in favour of the sector decarbonization, with the zero-emission goal established by 2050.