During his official visit in Slovakia, Pope Francesco travelled on the electric SUV EnyaQ iV by Skoda, purposely modified. Among the modifications, there are the rear windows with transparent glasses, and not darkened, to allow faithful people to see him, the supports for the Vatican flag and the official logo of the papal visit on the housings of the outer mirrors and a further handle in addition to the standard equipment to make getting in and out more comfortable.
Waiting for seeing the new full-electric Papamobile (that will be manufactured by Fisker), Pope Francesco has already started the transition towards a zero-emission hyper-technological mobility. As witnessed by the choice of using two EnyaQ iV, Skoda electric SUV, for the official visit in Slovakia to which he is committed precisely in these days.
Skoda manufacturer has intended to enhance the technological interaction at the service of the Pontiff: they have created a specific website that allows faithful people to send greetings that Pope Francesco can directly read on board.
After the Slovak experience in electric, there are high expectations for seeing what will become the new full electric Papamobile. To discover it, we have to wait until 2022: Fisker is at work on a new fully-electric version of Ocean SUV, equipped with a large modern dome fully made of glass to allow Francesco to greet faithfuls. Autonomy will be 480 km and the overall power of 300 HP, due to the use of two electric motors, one for each axis.