Recently, ANFIA, the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry, has divulged the data concerning ACEA quarterly investigation about the car market depending on the power supply typology, which concerns the EU area (Malta excluded), extended to EFTA and to the United Kingdom. Well, results arouse the optimism of the electric motor market, because the cars with alternative power supply prosecute, undeterred, their peak of sales, which overall grow by 147%. The analysed area counts, for the January-June 2021 period, about 6.5 million new registrations, 27.1% more than the first 2020-semester. Compared to the first half of 2020, the registrations of petrol cars score the 2.4% rise, whereas the sale drop for diesel (-9.9%) is going on. PHEV achieve the most significant growth (+200%), followed by conventional hybrid (+150%) and by electrical battery models (+122%). Natural gas cars and the others (LPG and Ethanol included), although they constitute a very marginal part of the market, show growth signs, respectively +8.5% and +114% versus the same period of the previous year.
In the first 2021-semester, consumers have prevailingly chosen electrified models, rising market shares to 15.9% for rechargeable ones (of which 7.6% pure electric and 8.3% PHEV) and to 19.8% for conventional hybrid. Overall, 2,314,874 hybrid and electric cars, which represent 35.7% of the market, were registered. In the picture, the graph ANFIA Study and Statistic Area on ACEA data.