At Ulsan, in South Korea, Hyundai Group is building the second factory where only electric cars will be manufactured. The new plant, close to the current one that has been in operation since 1962, will start operating in the first 2026-quarter and produce an electric SUV, Genesis-branded, based on the new eM platform of the Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) factory.
It is an investment worth 1.53 billion dollars and they estimate that up to 200,000 cars will leave the factory yearly. Advanced manufacturing solutions, developed by Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore, will be used for the new factory. Moreover, artificial intelligence will be exploited to automatically adapt the manufacturing volumes to demands and implementation methods with low CO2 emissions will be used.
“In the last half-century, Hyundai factory at Ulsan has evolved as production line technicians have learnt, created and faced new challenges. Inheriting the expertise of Ulsan factory, which has turned great dreams into reality through the power of people, Hyundai will do its best to become the protagonist in the electrification era, with the pride and the responsibility of creating mobility innovation for people”, so stated Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Group.