The Slovenian manufacturer of electric motors Elaphe and McLaren Applied have established a strategic partnership. The target is developing a propulsion group that combines the motors in Elaphe wheels and the vehicle control with inverter technology by McLaren Applied. Actually, Elaphe will use the 800-V silicon carbide IPG5 inverter by McLaren. Actually, Elaphe will use the IPG5 800-V inverter made of silicon carbide by McLaren. Partners affirm that their combined electric traction would offer notable space and weight saving to automotive companies, with vehicle’s low energy consumption and five-time faster torque response than existing systems, to be ascribed to the minor installation space of the transmission.
Current Elaphe motors in wheels show torque density up to 460 Nm/litre and 100 Nm/kg. At the same time, the company affirms that their motors will offer high control bandwidth of each wheel, allowing customers to define and to modify the drive character of their electric car through the software development.