In these days AIM EV Sport 01 is making its debut, the prototype of sports car by AIM brand, OEM company operating since 1998 and whose primary mission is the development of engines in endurance races, fully electric, designed by the renowned Shiro Nakamura, already author of iconic Nissan models.
With an electric 600 HP motor and a weight of just 1,500 kg, which supplies a maximum power of 489 HP, the car stands out for the exclusive design and the attention to the driving pleasure and to agility. The project provides for two electric motors for 600 HP in all, but at present there are no detailed information about the battery. However, it seems that due to the total weight of about 1,500 kg, an autonomy of around 300 km is foreseen.
According to what reported by the company, AIM EV Sport 01 has been created to show the company’s skills and motors but the enthusiasm aroused might lead AIM to manufacture a standard car.