The multinational ABB will supply the Italian manufacturer Fincantieri with a complete range of electric motors and of power systems for five cruise ships that will start operating astride 2023 and 2026. It is a job order amounting to 150 million dollars.
The contract propulsion systems are Azipod, systems that can reduce the fuel consumption by 20% versus standard motors, although the necessary electric energy to power them is anyway produced through combustion.
Each ship will be equipped with two twin Azipod units, so bringing the total propulsion power ordered for the new five constructions to 178 megawatts.
With the electric motor mounted in a submerged capsule outside the ship hull, Azipod system can rotate by 360 degrees, significantly increasing the operational manoeuvrability and efficiency of a ship and precisely reducing the fuel consumption by even 20% compared to standard systems.