Due to the new rear APP550 motor, the ID range by Volkswagen, inherent to full electric models, will enjoy a new thruster since the end of 2023, able to offer higher performances combined with higher efficiency.
The new generation of motors has a power of 210 kW (286 HP) with a maximum torque of around 550 Nm, depending on the vehicle’s transmission ratio. The significantly higher torque, in particular, grants a higher power delivery, in both standstill and at higher speed conditions. The rotor, as counterpart, is equipped with a more powerful permanent magnet that has higher load capacity.
Furthermore, the new motor has an energy-saving cooling system that works without an oil pump electrically driven.
Karsten Bennewitz, Head of Powertrain and Energy Systems in Development explained: “Since the available space has not changed, we had to develop a new motor that achieves significant performance and efficiency ameliorations, even if it is subjected to the same constraints. This was a great challenge for the team of Technical Development and of Components of the Group. The result demonstrates that we have succeeded in decreasing the use of raw materials, at the same time obtaining a remarkable increase of vehicles’ efficiency“.