Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris is the electric variant intended for the Pure ETCR championship starting next year and including cars exclusively powered by electric motor.
The presentation took place recently at Aragon, fascinated by the splendid red called Romeo Ferraris Red to mark a border with the iconic Alfa Red.
Aerodynamics is perfectly cared and Pure ETCR electric motors adopt an accumulator with control modules implemented by Williams Advanced Engineering with propulsion system manufactured by Magelec Propulsion.
The propulsion package adopts four M21Sx-x-19 MGU motors with fluid cooling and 500 kW peak power, i.e. 680 HP able to introduce 960 Nm torque.
Motors are perfectly modular and can be positioned on the rear axle, coupling two on each wheel with transversal arrangement.
The transmission is two-stage with single speed of Omni Gear F06V1-Z-19HXYY type. Giulia ETCR (like the others of the series) adopts the rear-wheel drive while the canonical 0-100 km/h is travelled in just 3.2 seconds with 270 km/h. maximum speed.
The higher weight burden is caused by the battery that weighs 450 kilograms and is positioned between the two axles.