Rockwell Automation has launched Flexline™ 3500, a new low-voltage motor control centre (MCC) for the global IEC markets. “With this motor control centre, industrial companies can harness production data and increase uptime and productivity with a range of intelligent products,” the company explained. In manufacturing and process activities, every minute of production counts. However, it is estimated that, globally, the average manufacturer faces up to 800 hours of downtime per year. Depending on the industry, downtime can cost $100,000 per hour or more. By integrating with intelligent motor control devices, the Flexline 3500 MCC provides real-time operating data and diagnostics for critical equipment. Manufacturers around the world rank predictive maintenance as the leading strategic technology for reducing downtime.
The modular design of the motor control centre is customisable to suit multiple low-voltage motor control applications as well as factory footprint requirements, while the technology is designed for a wide range of industries, from food to oil & gas. Furthermore, when Flexline 3500 motor control centres are integrated with intelligent variable frequency drives, manufacturers can significantly reduce energy consumption.