ABB has received an order from First Mode, which operates in the ambit of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by developing creative green-energy solutions for the most challenging applications in the heavy-duty industry.
The supply is composed by 80 ABB Bordline® ESS with lithium-ion batteries, with an overall power of 2.6 megawatts hour (MWh), at the service of a zero-emission truck fleet for mines. In the scenario of the heavy transport electrification, already in 2022 First Mode used the AC/AC converter with capacity in the order of megawatts and yard design competences of ABB to release the first mine truck powered by a hydrogen cell. According to First Mode, replacing a single diesel truck with an electric model, we would achieve a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions corresponding to 2,700 tons yearly, the equivalent of 700 cars’ emissions.
The prototype truck has made its debut in a platin mine in South Africa. Tested under the most demanding operational conditions, it behaved excellently, demonstrating how a combination of batteries and fuel cells may be a valid alternative for the power supply of heavy vehicles.
Krunal Desai, Director of Electrical Engineering of First Mode declared: “The environment of the mine is characterized by a unique mix of high-power charge and discharge, constant operation and notable thermal management problems that are not found in many other applications. ESS technology by ABB is ideal for these applications, thanks to the excellent power performances and the intrinsic safety. The battery increases the maximum available output power for the truck when travelling uphill and allows recovering energy thanks to the regenerative braking in downhill sections.”