After just five months since the work beginning, last January the first manufacturing line of AC charging cables was inaugurated in record times inside the new Phoenix Contact E-mobility site in the Polish city of Rzeszów.
The structure, taking up 15,000 sq. m., has performance in line with the dynamics of constant growth of the electric mobility on the market, with almost 200,000 new registrations of electric vehicles in Germany in 2020, 400,000 taking also hybrid plug-in vehicles into account.
“Each of the new vehicles is supplied with an AC charging cable in the trunk. Moreover, the incentives provided for by automotive companies and by the various States are favouring the expansion boom of the private charge infrastructure in whole Europe, with the consequent sale increment of AC charging cables, too – stated Christoph Paetzold, project manager of the new Rzeszów factory.
The plant will become one of the most important manufacturing sites for Phoenix Contact E-Mobility due to its strategic position in the Scientific and Technological Park of Dworzysko and to the well-developed infrastructure; besides, in the next future the staff is expected to grow up to exceeding 250 employees.