The certainty of a stable process is one of the most important values for a customer; the availability of a partner that, besides expertise, can offer a line provided with all necessary phases for the process is, instead, a real added value.
The know-how gained by GROB Italy in over thirty years of activity in the design and implementation of lines for the electric motor grants sector customers an unrepeatable product quality that, besides, features also the institutional soundness of an international group.
The line dedicated to the light mobility promoted by GROB Italy has been ideated to supply an efficient reliable turn-key solution for manufacturers of electric motors that work on power ranges from 4 to 40 kW. Consisting of the four phases demanded for manufacturing – winding, impregnation, rotor and assembly – the product relies on stand-alone machines that, instead, can be also integrated into a transport line when higher automation is demanded.
Utmost attention has been paid to the machine dedicated to the production of the rotor, an element of extreme relevance in the production process of the electric motor. A rotor made in precise repeatable modality is in fact necessary so that each motor has identical performances; GROB Italy has developed a sound performing technology, able to manufacture this component stably, in both the permanent magnet and in the winding version.

GROB Italy has developed a sound performing technology, able to manufacture rotors stably, in both the permanent magnet and in the winding version

The rotor typology most used in the Light E-Mobility world is the permanent magnet one, where high-performance magnets are introduced inside the rotor or positioned on its external surface. In the rotor line by GROB Italy both operations of glue distribution and of magnet positioning are managed by robots, in order to grant high precision and repeatability of the final result.

GROB Italy has optimized the rotor manufacturing process by optimizing a reliable process sequence and a scalable lay-out according to manufacturing volumes and extending its flexibility to products, from the Light E-Mobility up to power ranges generally used by both light and heavy commercial vehicles.
The lines dedicated to IPM rotors include a loading table of semi-packs, the glue distribution station, the magnet insertion, the furnace for the glue solidification, the station for the semi-pack assembling, the shaft insertion and they integrate the final balancing station and the magnetization station.
The standard solution can be modified and/or integrated by further processes depending on customers’ demands.

Samples of the light e-mobility line, together with the other numerous novelties of GROB range, will be presented at CWIEME Berlin 2023, Hall 1,2b, Stand B10-C11 where the company will show the whole line of solutions proposed in e-mobility and electric motor ambit. On this occasion, it will be possible to analyse thoroughly also the numerous additional services, including the brand-new GIT Connect, software purposely studied by GROB Italy to optimize the machine performances and to reduce its environmental impact.