The prestigious Bentley Motors brand aims at more sustainable electric motors and, concerning this, it has announced a specific triennial technological study. It is called RaRE (Rare-earth Recycling for E-machines) and will be based on the work accomplished by the University of Birmingham in the ideation of a method to extract magnets from electronic wastes. The goal is reusing the magnetic material extracted to implement new recyclable magnets to be integrated inside tailored auxiliary motors. Even more sustainability will be assured by the fact that the motors tailor-made through this method allow minimizing the complexity of some manufacturing phases, meanwhile supporting the development of the supply chain of the United Kingdom for both mass-production components and for small batches.
“While we are speeding up the electrification race, offering only hybrid or electric vehicles within 2026 and full electric within 2030, it is important to focus on each aspect of the vehicle sustainability, including sustainable provisioning methods of materials and components. RaRE promises a radical change of the electric recyclability, providing a source of low-voltage motors really tailored for a series of different applications and we are confident that results will provide a support for completely sustainable electric drives “. This is the witness by Matthias Rabe, member of the Board of Directors of Bentley Motors.