In Foshan and Anting Chinese factories, which together have a maximum overall capacity of 600,000 units per year, they have started the production of the two new models of the 100% electric ID family, specific for that national market. They are ID.4 Crozzi By Faw-Volkswagen and ID.4 X1 by Saic Volkswagen, manufactured on the innovative Meb platform, and the release on the market is expected for the beginning of 2021.
This move will allow the Group to rise the share of electric vehicles in its product portfolio by 35% within 2025 and Volkswagen will propose eight models of the ID family by 2023.
«Our ID. family, based on Meb platform – declared Stephan Wöllenstein, Ceo of Volkswagen Group China – will revolutionize the industry and the market of electric cars. Meb features unique versatility and it is an unbelievably flexible platform for the vehicle production, that is to say it allows offering a broad range of very interesting electric models, from compact city cars to spacious vans or Suv».
Foshan production site is fully powered by renewable energy and its original structures have been renovated, so becoming one of the most flexible sites in the global production network: they rely on 1,200 robots in the welding department and an almost 100% automation degree in the painting one. Here it is possible to manufacture both standard internal-combustion vehicles based on the Mqb platform and fully electric cars on Meb base. A highly flexible configuration enables the production of 6-8 Meb models simultaneously.