About two years ago the IMA Group, world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic packaging machines, became majority shareholder of ATOP, outstanding company in the sector of automated machines and lines for the manufacturing of stators and rotors for electric motors. Among the operation pillars, it is worth highlighting ATOP’s know-how, which has allowed IMA to rank with incisiveness in the strategic rising segment of “E-mobility”, in addition to standard automotive, industrial, household appliances and power tools market segments.

The great success of the operation and of the state-of-the-art of technology and innovation was underlined by the international-scope ATOP’s digital event broadcast last January 20 and 21: Electric AtTraction, whose name fully mirrors the optimistic future, surrounded by the presentation of the available IMA Digital Services in the name of 4.0, which belong to the IMA Group, constantly pursuing new solutions and technologies for the transport emission reduction, so protecting the environment.

During the event, spotlights were cast on ATOP winding technology and smart flexible manufacturing solutions confirming that ATOP is a state-of-the-art player in hairpin, the reference technology for large scale production of stators for electric traction motors.

Moreover, utmost attention was paid to the new Hairpin Forming Machine, the future of the hairpin forming process for the e-mobility product proposal by ATOP and the relative excellence in phase of hairpin stator Electrical  Test and the 3D Quality Control performed on the welding joints of the hairpin wires made by laser welding. Not less important is the presence of the virtual platform for the accurate production and programming management, besides the use of Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to efficiently and effectively carry out the remote checking procedures of its lines, still in full cooperation with the Customer Technical Team, but without their physical presence on site.