Top Gear Electric Awards celebrate the electrification importance in the automotive sector. Recently, on such occasion, the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz has been crowned electric car of the year, especially for the spacious interiors and the practical drive, praising it also for its iconic style, inspired by the original design of Volkswagen T1.
ID. Buzz is the first fully electric vehicle by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles implemented on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform. Cian O’Brien, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, affirmed: «As brand, we are living an important electrification travel, and the so longed-for ID. Buzz marks the beginning of this exciting experience. Being able to launch a car that is cool in design, with sustainability at the core of its creation, is an excellent way to show our customers it is still possible to do all things we like and travel wherever we want, even having a positive impact on the environment».
Moreover, here are the words by Ollie Marriage, Manager of Top Gear car tests: «People who pretend having an active lifestyle drive a SUV, those who actually do it drive a Volkswagen van. All those we have met have liked the brand’s rediscovery of its icon and have found ID. Buzz airy, fresh and energetic. Is it not phantastic that Volkswagen has finally had the courage of reinventing the original? It is charmingly simple and yet utterly uplifting. And, for this reason, it is our electric car of the year».