Volkswagen is the partner chosen to support the Vatican City State in its transition towards the sustainable mobility: the manufacturer will deliver slightly less than 40 full electric vehicles of Volkswagen ID. family, which range from ID.31 to ID.4 and ID.5. Mobility is at the core of a specific programme called “Ecologic conversion 2030”, which aims at reducing the CO2 footprint of the State’s vehicle fleet. To reach this target, the existing vehicles must be gradually replaced by electric ones, to make the whole fleet neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions by 2030.
Through Volkswagen Financial Services, the automotive brand will supply the Vatican City State with a fleet of cars from the beginning of 2024. In successive phases, a growing number of zero-emission vehicles will be delivered also by Volkswagen Group brands, until the complete replacement of the whole fleet by 2030.
“The fleet electrification is becoming more and more important on a global scale. In future perspective, offering the drive of our ID. also to Vatican’s employees is a great achievement and honour for Volkswagen and highlights the attractiveness of full electric ID. models” stated Imelda Labbé during the delivery of vehicles in Vatican.