Honda has set the target of reaching the carbon neutrality of all products and all activities within 2050. In this course, is framed the new range of electrified vehicles for the global market that they will present in the occasion of the next edition of Ces, staged in Las Vegas from 9th to 12th January 2024. There is much expectation for the NEW models of the global Ev range and for the technologies addressing electrification.

In about one month, Toshihiro Mibe, president and Ceo of Honda Motor, and Shinji Aoyama, director, global evp and executive vice-president of Honda Motor will illustrate Honda’s vision for a society based on the circulation of electrified vehicles. The brand is carrying out its activity on the base of its global slogan: The Power of Dreams – How we move you. This slogan transmits the message that Honda will create products and services for mobility that will allow people “to transcend various constraints like time and place” and “to enhance their skills and possibilities”.