For the charge of its electrical vehicles, Stellantis has established a partnership with Ample to use its exchange technology of battery modules, able to grant a complete charge in less than five minutes. Following the signature of a binding agreement, the subject of the collaboration is the integration of the Modular Battery Swapping solution by Ample in Stellantis electric vehicles, a technology that allows supplying energy to electric vehicles similarly to the refuelling.

“The battery exchange technology allows the owners of an electric vehicle to replace the discharged battery with a one fully charged in few minutes, making a stop inside an exchange station”, Stellantis explains in the press release.

When an electric vehicle equipped with Ample technology approaches a station, which can be installed in public areas in just three days, it is immediately recognized by the station itself. When we enter and we stop inside, the driver starts the battery change from the application, obtaining a battery with complete charge in less than five minutes.

The pilot programme will start in 2024 from Madrid and will concern a fleet of 100 Fiat 500e used in the service of car sharing Free2move by Stellantis. The car has not been chosen randomly: Fiat 500e is the best-selling Stellantis electric vehicle in the world.

“In Ample we believe that making electric vehicles accessible to all without compromise is the only way to achieve a significant impact on the reduction of emissions. The ambitious electrification targets by Stellantis, their range of electric vehicles and the managerial team’s commitment make Stellantis a perfect partner to hit our targets. The offer of competitive electric vehicles that may also receive a complete charge in less than five minutes will contribute in removing the constraints that still hinder the diffusion of electric vehicles. We are looking forward to working with Stellantis to implement our common solution”, declared Khaled Hassounah, CEO of Ample.