WEG recently unveiled integrated motion packages designed to help companies on their path to Industry 5.0.
WEGmotion Drives can help optimise efficiency, reliability and performance in strategic industries, including food, recycling, metal and water treatment applications. WEG’s Motion Drives solutions serve specific applications, including metal processing. The new W23 Sync+ motor line offers high efficiency at all speeds thanks to the combination of permanent magnets (PM), ferrite or neodymium magnets and synchronous reluctance motor technology (SynRM). In this way, the motor maintains high levels of efficiency even under varying speed and load conditions. The W23 Sync+ is available in efficiency classes IE5 and IE6+, making it one of the most efficient motors on the market.
Among the latest additions is the TPD500 AC/DC converter, which offers greater efficiency, safety and adaptability to industrial applications. In addition, seamless integration into Ethernet-based fieldbus systems, combined with the new WEG DriveLabs PC configurator via Modbus TCP, enables remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity.
‘Electric motors, gearboxes and drives are the beating heart of most organisations undertaking the 5.0 transition,’ explained Ilaria Mandelli, communications specialist and technical writer at WEG Automation Europe. ‘Our integrated approach to motion, bringing together motor, gearbox, drive and automation solutions in a single package, enables customers from different applications to simplify installation, minimise maintenance requirements, optimise reliability and improve operational and energy efficiency, increasing the sustainability and resilience of the entire production line.’