Two companies that have shaken their hands to improve the manufacturing world of electric motors are Bosch Rexroth, multinational specialized in industrial automation and motion of mobile operating machines, and McService, Modena design company the operates in the engineering sector and is specialized in the gearmotor, especially in the electric motor ambit. In recent years, it has collaborated with companies that produce electric motors and it is structuring technological solutions able to improve and to objectify manufacturing processes and, in this direction, about ten years ago, the meeting with Bosch Rexroth took place.
Let us come to innovation: the automated motor-closing machine ideated by the two companies has displaced processes from manual to automatic. Many assembling phases of the electric motor were carried out manually on a work bench, now instead all components are loaded by the machine and this proceeds to executing assemblies.
Such operations occur in what is called “hidden time”, that is to say a process that was previously carried out by the operator whereas now it is carried out by the machine in the same identical tine in which the operator performs another operation.
The machine can assess the work progress inside the job order (it knows whether it is at the beginning, half or end of the manufacturing batch) and inside each single production batch it knows whether each single motor has been closed correctly or if there are some anomalies. This machine can shorten the assembling times of electric motors, objectivating and making assembling data usable, due to linear axes and to the PLC intelligence that makes everything programmable and flexible.