Amerigo Vespucci, one of the largest sailing ships existing today, set sail from the port of Genoa in 2023 to circle the globe for the second time since its launch, before returning to Italy in February 2025. The ship is equipped with an electric propulsion motor by Nidec Asi, made in Italy, as well as the variable frequency drives (Vfd) of the motor. It is an asynchronous motor with double active parts, a unique example with characteristics of reliability and minimization of the acoustic impact.
Among the 31 stages foreseen in the course of the circumnavigation in five continents, in recent months a technical stop occurred at Plata, in Buenos Aires port, in Argentina, for a maintenance intervention that for the first time in the history was not carried out in the homeland.
«For eight years we have taken care of the electric core of Amerigo Vespucci and we are very satisfied with the extraordinary maintenance intervention that our technicians have executed in the last three months in Argentina, where they were committed with their professionalism and expertise for the first time outside the Italian territory», adds Lorenzo Ghiara, project manager of Nidec Asi.