Converting conventional boats with thermal engines into electric or hybrid ones is the goal of the Electric Wave startup, system integrator in Ancona for the electric boating, operating in the development of a port charge network with a circular nautical zero-emission approach.
The company has implemented a demo boat, EW01, full electric: an 8.5 metre long goiter, with a 15 kW Bellmarine motor provided with photovoltaic awning with Sunerg modules with bifacial cells and with a power of 1 kWp. The vessel is available for potential owners interested in the advantages of silence, comfort and sustainability, which implies that this electric boat travels at a speed of 5 knots. In a sunny day, the boat has an autonomy of over 6 hours in full electric modality, which can be extended to 20h by using the suitable Range Extender kit in hybrid modality.