Motorlift, Lodi producer of customized electric motors, has manufactured a permanent-magnet synchronous motor for electro-spindle upon specific demand for an application with high acceleration to reduce cycle times. In the specific case, the motor will equip a linear transfer machine tool, characterized by a cycle time of just 2.5 seconds.
The motor has a power of 5 kW and the carbon band ensures the rotor structure to reach the declared performances.
“Today more than ever, the attention focuses on energy consumption and environmental sustainability and therefore particular care has been paid to the electric sizing, to maintain efficiencies exceeding 93% and power factors in the order of 0.95”, Motorlift explained.
In a more recent note, the company said the customer asked for the design and development of a custom motor typology, with the delivery of the first batch within 10 weeks since the design approval occurred due to the design through Altair software, the characterization and final test at the test bench and the in-house implementations of the various mechanical finishing operations of rotor and stator.