As response to the tightening of environmental regulations in Europe and to the more severe directives about CO2 emissions for cars in the main Countries, the demand for vehicles’ motors and inverters and for control units is steeply rising. This has communicated Nidec on the occasion of the inauguration of the new factory at Novi Sad, in Serbia, built to assure an efficient supply system in Europe.
The project complies with the “Western Balkans Cooperation Initiative” the Japanese Government is accomplishing in Serbia and in other regions.
Nidec Electric Motor Serbia plans to mass-produce automotive motors, and Nidec Elesys Europe plans to mass-produce automotive inverters and ECUs.
In order to this aim, the company will strengthen recruitment activities, mainly for technical personnel, and contribute to the revitalization of the regional economy the Novi Sad surrounding area in Serbia.
With the future view of mass production of the “E-Axle” traction motor system for electric vehicles in Europe, it is also promoting activities to attract suppliers and we will build an industrial cluster of automotive motors for the European market.