It is undoubted: in the boating world, there is great excitement in the direction of electrified solutions. Concerning this, the protagonists of the latest news are Transfluid-Bellmarine, which have announced the collaboration with Galvani Boten, needing exceptional quality propulsion.
For the 2022-production, Transfluid will supply the complete package for both the electric motor and for energy, with Bellmarine Drivemaster and Torquemaster range and battery packs equipped with Transfluid. This collaboration will allow Galvani to integrate at best the electric propulsion system and battery packs in the design of their boat, creating a more efficient, comfortable and sustainable allocation of weights and spaces.
The previous move by Transfluid stood out in the electric boating, too: a patrol boat newly launched by Ribcraft in Dubai has been powered by an exclusive hybrid electric system supplied by Transfluid in collaboration with its distributor Elcome International.
The boat can operate efficiently and silently in electric modality during the patrolling at low speeds or in sheltered waters and quickly shift to the high-speed operation, as needed.
Another piece of news about that issue? Transfluid has signed an agreement with Neel-Trimarans shipyard headquartered in La Rochelle for the supply of two electric Bellmarine motors featuring 15 kw for the new LEEN 56 and LEEN 72 Hybrid Travel Yachts. Therefore, the propulsion system is not full electric, but made up not only by the two electric motors on external hulls but by a central thermal motor on the main hull.