It comes from Holland and it is produced in Soel Yachts yards, a new electric and solar catamaran, 18.8-metre long, designed to obtain utmost comfort and high performance. Its name is Senses 62 high performance. Aesthetically appreciable, the solution adopted with solar panels integrated into the roof that generate 17.6 kWp of energy, equivalent to a maximum of 50 kWh.
Soel Yachts has developed a proprietary system of active cooling that increases solar panels’ energy production from 15 to 20%.
its Cruise version equips two electric 100-kW motors, 282-kWh lithium batteries and 100-kW generator set, providing a cruise speed of 8 knots and maximum speed of 10 knots. The Power version, instead, is equipped with 2 200-kW electric motors combined with a 424 kWh battery packs and 150-kW generator set. In this version the yacht can reach a cruise speed of 10 knots and a maximum speed of 14 knots.
The manufacturer informs that the transmission and propulsion system is in-house designed in collaboration with the long-term partner Naval DC whose founder, David Czap, is an expert in the field of electric system integration.
The challenge of decreasing the environmental impact, while keeping the comfort and performance level high, is highly successful, that is to say a catamaran that can reach the standards of a superyacht, but maintaining notably low management and maintenance costs in comparison with a conventional propulsion boat.