In the German capital, a new design and engineering hub will be established and it will operate under a new German subsidiary called Bugatti Rimac GmbH. Berlin is a young and sparkling city, able to fuel technological start-ups, an epicentre for artists and designers.
However, the automotive company’s headquarters will always remain in Zagreb, with the vast majority of employees and a future expansion in Croatia.
It seems that some job positions are already open: Concept Chief Engineer, Head of High-Voltage Systems and Components, Head of Fine Mechanics and design roles with specific focus on interiors, exteriors and VR.
Adriano Mudri, previously design director of Rimac Automobili, will be appointed design director of a future sister company of Rimac focused on mobility, which will take care of developing state-of-the-art vehicles, which will be successively revealed.
«Bugatti Rimac GmbH – stated its CEO Mate Rimac – represents a new exciting business expansion. This new branch will be deeply involved in many new exciting hypercar designs we are looking forward to sharing with the world. Our team is expanding day by day and Bugatti Rimac GmbH represents an opportunity for the best in the sector to join us, to prove their skills and to be part of a company that is redefining the hypercar».