It is very recent the news of the takeover of Santroll Automotive Components, the Chinese player’s eMotor division, by the American BorgWarner. They are steps towards east and towards electrification: Santroll is in fact focused on electric drive units, also for buses, with advanced technologies such as high-density electric windings of hairpin type and synchronous variable reluctance motors with very high performances. Santroll supplies its patented technology to the Chinese OEM market.
With nearly 400 full-time employees, Santroll brings manufacturing equipment design capabilities and proven automation expertise that have allowed it to secure business relationships with many leading customers in China. The hairpin winding type is already used also by BorgWarner for its HVH 320 electric motor, intended for equipping the commercial vehicles, its first electric step.
The takeover announcement was diffused last April 1st, after one month and a half of works. «We are pleased to accomplish Santroll takeover and to welcome in BorgWarner the talented Santroll employees in China», are the words by Frédéric Lissalde, President and CEO of BorgWarner, company with a history of 130 years, that today are accelerating the world’s transition to eMobility.