The development of new hybrid motors for Antonio Carraro compact tractors is framed by full title in the ambit of energy saving projects in the sector of NRMM – Non-Road Mobile Machinery. Behind the SRX Hybrid project there is the AC Research&Development division, in synergy with Ecothea, start-up of Turin Polytechnics specialized in the design and prototyping of electric vehicles for applications on agricultural machines.
Hybrid and electrified propulsion systems are concretely proving their validity in contributing in reducing the emissions of polluting substances and in improving work performances. Overall efficiencies are in fact higher due to a very precise control of the power supply.
SRX Hybrid is a compact vehicle, equipped with all comforts and with a thermal 55kW motor (3 cylinders; cc1861; liquid cooled; injection Common Rail Turbo Intercooler) combined with an electric 20kW motor for 75kW overall, corresponding to 102hp.
The architecture of the hybrid-electric system ideated by the collaboration between Antonio Carraro Spa and Ecothea first of all allows exploiting at best the available power of a diesel motor combined with an electric propulsion, assuring constant traction in machining, in transports and in material handling activities.
The innovative transmission architecture, with the introduction of the electric motor between diesel powertrain and gearbox, has been registered with ACHybrid industrial patent.