The partnership between Monarch Tractor and Foxconn will allow the mass-production of electric tractors.
Foxconn is a Taiwanese company of electric and electronic components for OEM worldwide and at the end of 2021 it bought the startup of electric vehicles Lordstown Motors, the factory in Ohio, which was previously owned by General Motors. It is a hub that will become a benchmark for the manufacturing of electric vehicles because they will produce the Endurance pickup and a model by Fisker.
Here, the commercial production of the MK-V series of Monarch electric tractor will start in the first 2023-quarter. The tractor, which starts from the base price of 58,000 dollars, is with autonomous guide, motor with 70 kW of peak and it is especially suitable for operating in vineyards and orchards, with an autonomy of over 10 hours.
The fast battery replacement allows 24 hours/a day operation and the recharge at 240 V 80 A takes 4-5 hours. The tractor will be able to lift over 1 ton and to tow 3.5 tons.