Inside Mirafiori district in Turin, Stellantis has established its SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub (Circular Economy Hub, CE Hub), with an all-round approach based on the strategy of the 4R: Reman, Repair, Reuse and Recycle. Its first activity phase concerns the regeneration of motors, gearboxes and batteries for high-voltage electric vehicles, the reconditioning and the dismantling of vehicles, with the target of adding others in the future.

The Hub, fruit of an investment worth 40 million Euros, provides for the employment of 550 workers by 2025 and will generate over 2 billion Euros of revenues within 2030, in the ambit of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. The primary goal of this forefront Circular Economy Hub is extending the service life of components and vehicles, granting them a longer life. When this is no longer possible, the material is collected for the recycling from the activity of regeneration and dismounting of vehicles at their life end, then reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle to originate new parts and new vehicles.

“The Circular Economy Hub collects competences and activities aimed at creating an excellence centre in Europe,” declared Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “We are industrializing the sustainable recovery and the reuse of materials, giving birth to new technologies and competences while we are growing in the sector. Our commitment to the regeneration, repair, reuse and recycle not only will relieve the pressure on our planet, but will also bring financial value to Stellantis, safeguarding our future while we are transforming our manufacturing and consumption model”.
Besides supporting its primary activities, the Circular Economy Hub integrates also the recent actions by Stellantis aimed at strengthening its global electrification ecosystem and at supporting carbon neutrality ambitions, such as the collaboration with Qinomic to develop light commercial vehicles’ electric conversion, and the setup of the first Battery Technology Center in Mirafiori district, to test and to develop in-house batteries for electric vehicles.